Rendergun shoots the mix with some force, easily creating an excellent bond with the surface. Hugely timesaving and much less effort than doing the job by hand!

With the right mix and the right setup, all manner of finishes are possible. Many of the finishes mentioned below are textured but Rendergun can be used to create a smooth finish too, the render can simply be finished with a wooden or steel float.

Rendergun kit

Applied Finishes

Rendergun kit

A perfect scratch coat (first coat)

This can be applied at the rate of 10 seconds per sq metre and, because it is rough and spiky, it does not need scoring to provide a key for the next coat!

Tyrolean finish

Tyrolean finish

If you have ever struggled with one of those tedious turn-a-handle-to-flick-it-on-the-wall gadgets, you will already have worked out that Rendergun can probably apply a Tyrolean finish more easily. It can. Much more easily!

Harled finish application

Harled finishes

Harled finishes are obtained by harling (throwing) the render on the wall. This is exactly what Rendergun does very efficiently - and with Rendergun it is much easier to put the render where it is supposed to be!

Rendergun kit

Rustic (Art Deco) finishes

With the right mix, all manner of finishes are possible.

Rendergun kit

Fine finishes and shelter coats:

Using the plate with the smallest hole, a very fine mix can be applied 1mm or 2mm thick. This plate is also ideal for applying shelter coats.

Applying pebble dash with Rendergun


Aggregate up to 10mm/3/8" can be applied either wet - mixed with a binder as a slurry - or dry.

How to vary the finish

Many different finishes can be achieved using Rendergun by changing the four variable elements:

The principles involved are straightforward:

Rendergun kit
Rendergun is supplied with two front plates, three nozzles, 10 metres of air-line hose, connectors and a carry case